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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  January 10, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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snowstorm of the new year. good evening, i'm lesli foster. all right, topper. i know you are the one person excited about this on the set. what can we expect? >> well, good news, no problems tonight in terms of snowfall or tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning, will be fine. tomorrow evening a little different story. let's start with the w atchings -- watches and w arnings. we have a watch out to the north and east, that includes prince george's anne arundel, howard, up toward northeastern maryland and my hunch is we'll see winter weather advisories every -- everywhere by tomorrow. right now there's not. those issues are primarily i ssued for late tomorrow and tomorrow night. most of our snow will actually fall tuesday night. i know it's pretty close to us right now. there is the storm that went through the deep south earlier today. have a snow break out in much of virginia and north carolina. but that's gonna sit and stay there for a while until we get into tomorrow evening. temperatures are cold. 33 downtown. in the 20s in gaithersburg as you head up 270 and 25 and even
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in hagerstown and martinsburg. 33 in fredericksburg. for tonight, look for clouds to thicken up it will just be cold. low 0s in the suburbs, upper 20s downtown. winds out of the north at 5 to 10. we'll come back and talk about hour by hour when the snow will finally roll in here. lesli? >> all right. trucks are already underway for the storm. salt and sand are in demand. the virginia department of transportation plans to have 700 trucks on the road before 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. emergency crews are collecting supplies at the salt dome in rockville. they are gonna be pretreating the beltway interstate 95 and 270 in maryland. this is a look of things to c ome. from texas to tennessee thousands of people are s truggling with snow and icy roads. all flights from reagan to atlanta were cancelled and one or two got out of bwi and d
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ullus. people trying to get out of the country's largest airport, hartsfield-jackson international airport in atlanta are also r unning into problems. and that includes auburn football fans trying to travel to tonight's national championship game in arizona. sh. turning now to the tragedy in tucson, 22-year-old jared loughner walked into a federal courtroom in phoenix where a judge ordered him held without bond. he was assigned to the same lawyer who defended timothy mcveigh. we get the latest from derek mcginty. film us in. >> loughner is accused of k illing six people on saturday and injuring 15 others include, gabrielle giffords, who, by all indications, was the woman he came there to kill. loughner is charged with murder and attempting to assassinate a member of congress. in fact, police now believe he had fixated on gabrielle giffords at his parents' home
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investigators found an envelope with "i planned aside" and "my assassination" written on it along with the congresswoman's name. she's still in critical condition. doctors say she's not out of the -- not out of the woods just y et. she's responding to simple commands, such as wiggling her toes. all over nation from the white house to the space outside the hospital, americans were taking a few moments aside to remember the six people killed on saturday and the more than a dozen others wounded. they even paused on board the international space station where giffords's brother-in-law was the commander. while the grief is palpable, so is the admiration for the heroes who stepped up. a standing vo investigation t o -- standing ovation for daniel hernandez, a congressional intern who ran into the line of fire and saved gabrielle
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giffords's life by providing first aid. >> daniel is here today an i'm gonna ask him -- and i'm gonna ask him to stand as we say thank you. >> reporter: and we can't forget this woman who stopped him. >> pulled another magazine which he dropped on the pavement and i was able to get to it before he did. >> we're already hearing from a lot of folks who knew loughner personally. they say he was unstable for a long time. they stay he was kicked out his community college for bizarre behavior that frightened his teachers and classmates. >> so this young man had been on the radar screen with a lot of people for a long time. sadly nobody was able to stop. nobody was able to stop him. >> thank you, derek. well, members of congress is are now -- are now considering a new law who applies to anyone who makes threats to l egislators. to some extent, the threats come with the ter territory on
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-- with the territory on capitol hill. this congressman recalls a threat made on him a decade ago. as a result, he was given extra protection while taking part in a parade. >> there were secret service people, plain clothes people walking alongside me. nobody knew they were there. >> reporter: meanwhile, a change of plans on capitol hill. the house planned to get on -- to vote on whether to appeal healthcare insurance reform. north carolina heath s chuller says he will be armed because of the assassinated attempt on gabrielle giffords in arizona. he says he's carried a gun periodically since someone threatened his life in 2009. members of his staff have gone through gun training also. the parents of the youngest victim of the tucson tragedy
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say their 9-year-old daughter will always be with them. christina greene's father said she had a lot of interest, she loved ballet and gymnastics and she was the only girl on her baseball team this fall. christina was born on the same day as the terrorist attacks back in 2001. >> she came into the world on 9/11 and went out with another tragedy yesterday, in arizona. but everything in between has been wonderful. >> we're just gonna keep on remembering her forever. she was a special little girl. >> christina's dad takes issue with people who he says are t rying to politicize his daughter's death. he says the massacre was a random act of cowardness. christina was born in maryland and her father -- and her father used to be a baseball scout with the orioles.
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as peggy fox reports, the suspect showed some obvious signs of psychotic disorder. >> reporter: the young man charged with killing six people and wounding 14 others in arizona had recently terrified fellow students and a teacher at pima community college. one student said she was so scared 22-year-old jared loughner was going to show up with a gun, she sat next to the door. >> this is someone who is delusional, disturbed, disorg -- disorganized. he has all of the classic signs of schizophrenia. >> reporter: this psychiatrist says his postings on the internet reveal a break with reality. there are arguments, rantings and a bizarre incoherence. >> his teacher was afraid if he turned his back, he would be shut by an automatic machine gun gun.
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>> reporter: the arizona shoot something erie little reminiscent of the virginia mass sacker. both times, students showed signs of an impending mental breakdown. >> teachers and administrators do not know that they often have the right to talk to that student, to talk with the students' family, to accompany that student to the counseling center. these are interventions that can make all the difference. >> reporter: he says schizophrenia can be successfully treated with a nti- psychotic medicine but to get to that point takes c oncerned people taking action to get a sick person help. peggy fox, 9news now. >> peggy says allan lipman, who is also a lawyer, says that if jared loughner is mentally ill, that doesn't mean he will get off on an insanity defense, because some of his written statements imply he knew right
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from wrong. you can see his entire interview at well, police make an arrest connected to a brazen string of burglaries in northern virginia. we'll have more on that. a lot of questions tonight, surrounding the death of a d.c. lobbyist on capitol hill. we'll have the latest on that investigation. plus -- a mid-sized car from destreet wins a pretty big a ward. we'll tell you -- detroit wins a pretty big award. we'll tell you about the accolade of the chevy volt when we return.
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if you receive a voice m essage or e-mail instructing to you call a number with an 809 or 649 or 284 area code, you want to delete it. according to the fcc and the better business bureau, it's nothing but an international phone scam and many people don't realize they've been taken until they receive their
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local or w ireless bills with thrill of -- with all of their charges. so the best action is -- best action to take is to -- to have your carrier block those from your line. well, the chevy vault is the car of the year. it-- it runs on 40 miles before the backup kicks it. it costs more than $0,000 and went on sale in limited markets in december. the ford explorer won the truck of the year for the third year in a row. still ahead on 9news now -- police arrest a suspect c onnected to a one-man crime wave in northern virginia. more on that -- when we return.
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. a judge ordered tom delay to spend the next three years in prison. the move comes after a jury convicted the once powerful texas congressman of money laundering. prosecutors done tend --
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contend the illegal contributions helped republicans take control of the texas house. delay says the case is politically motivated and he will appeal. the wife of a senior white house aide was found dead this morning inside a burning car parked in her southeast washington garage. 37-year-old ashley turton was a well-known lobbyist on capitol hill and a former chief of -- and a former chief of staff for a congresswoman. it apires to be an accident but investigators are not ready to rule out foul play. >> it appears some sort of c rash, car ended up in the garage. there was a fire as a you are. the victim was found in the vehicles. it's very likely they may have had a medical condition. >> turton's husband and her three young children were actually inside the home when the fire broke out. they were all able to get out without injury. well, police in prince william county say they've arrested a suspect connected to a two-month burglary spree.
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$100,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from people's homes in prince william county since december. 29-year-old jason thomas blake of woodbridge faces a list of charges, including burglary, larceny, and drug charges. police say there have been 14 burglaries in a two-mile radius since mid-december. neighbors were relieved to hear about the arrest. >> ended up keeping all of the doors locked, putting the lights on at night and taking precaution so that the -- my -- cy passed by there police say there may be a second suspect. blake is being held without b ond. all right. pepco customers, the power company says it will install residential meters that should cut power outages from hours to seconds. the meters will be connected to a new high-tech grid that will enable them to detect an outage and rewrought power.
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pepco hopes to have these installed in d.c. homes this year and maryland homes by the end of next year. the new york city council is holding hearings about the blizzard. more than two feet of snow fell. two deaths at least were attributed to the snowfall when emergency vehicles were unable to reach victims due to the s now-covered streets. we're gonna get some snow. >> it's a storm that hammers the south, brushes us and hammers new england. that's gonna be the kind of pattern for this storm as well. no problems tonight in terms of the weather for the commute. let's start with temperatures, it's cold. 33 downtown. most folks below freezing. when the snow starts falling, it starts to fall quickly. we're looking at temperatures right around 30 in fairfax,
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reston, sterling, leesburg, manassas already 25. we talked about this last week, there are two storms. often in the case of d.c., we get this one area that moves into ohio and dies. we don't get much snow with that one and then we have to turn our attention to the storm here and we don't get much action. we could see some snow tomorrow, tomorrow night. but if you are a snow -- dash snow lover, it will get past us and hammer the northeast. this is gonna stay to the south tonight and stay to our south tomorrow morning. we'll watch it carefully. right now, we think the real big snow for us is 1 to 4 inches, such as it is, will be tomorrow night. we have clouds back on the increase. that will be the forecast tonight. so the bull's eye is north and
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east again. the more farther up 95 you go, the more snow. you get to new york, probably 12 inches. philly, 6 inches. tuesday the morning commute is fine. tuesday evening we'll have light snow and it won't take much to cause problems. heaviest snow will fall between 7:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on monday and a 1 to 4-inch snowfall is likely for the metro area, especially east of town. tuesday, we'll put this into motion. see, we just guest a trace, .10 in gaithersburg. as we get to tomorrow night, .310 for fredericksburg. after that, an 1.50 downtown and gaithersburg. the most will be up toward northeastern maryland and philadelphia. 4 or 5 inches will fall there. not a heavy storm, just a g lancing blow. 1 to 3 inches from the metro area from i-95 west, maybe 2 to 4 for annapolis and parts of
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prince general's county, is a pretty good bet -- prince g eorge's county, is a pretty good bet. downtown will be in the 20s. 21 in gatorsburg. 23 in reston. 23 in fairfax. 21 in leesburg and manassas. tomorrow morning you may see some flurries, but don't panic. temperatures in the 20s to around 30. and then by afternoon, cloudy and cold with light snow and inch or less by the evening. the high temperature's between 30 and 35 kind of one of those events it's a small event but a high impact. next three days. 33 tomorrow, slippery by night and maybe a flurry on wednesday. clearing out 36. 34 with sunshine on thursday. next seven days. it gets colder on friday. low 30s, upper 30s on saturday, maybe a snowshower or a flurry and then on sunday, a little bit warmer, back up to 40,
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maybe a snowshower or rain shower and then next monday, we're back in the mid-40s which is a shade above average under partly cloudy skies. most of the snow between 7:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> we'll be right back with sports. qqq
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deep your head in the game -- keep your head in the game. how is ed reed supposed to do that? his brother was missing. they were searching for his body in a river in louisiana. he led the team cheer with tears tears in his eyes.
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>> my brother, he loved f ootball. >> let's do it, baby! baltimore ravens! we love you! >> emotional moment there. they play the steelers on saturday. meanwhile, you've probably seen the insane 67-yard touchdown by marshawn lynch in the seahawks' win on saturday. well, the pacific northwest seismic network now reports there was an earthquake under underneath the seahawks stadium at the exact moment that run took place. if you describe that as an e arth-shattering run, you are technically accurate about that. if you are a red skins fan underwhelmed by mike shan nan han at the helm, apparently you're not aileen. the opener is with you. cited sources say there's -- there have been cracks in
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receiptlationship between shanahan and dan snyder and the gm and dan snyder. and those sources say they need to win in 2011 if they want to be around 2012. national championship game, college football between auburn and number two oregon. auburn averaging a ridiculous 49 point as game. cam newton has 20 rushing touchdowns and 28 passing touchdowns for auburn. that's also ridiculous. time for you to pick this week's high school game of the week among the games on the m enu, we have stone wall jackson at osborn, we've got georgetown prep and their rookie coach, taking the hoyas to episcopal. cast your vote at d remember the caps' losing streak? well, they've played eight games since the losing streak
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and they've not lost in regulation yet. 6-0-2 over their last eight games. perhaps the biggest reason for that is they've had the best penalty kill in all of hockey. of the caps have killed 27 power plains in 33 of their last 34. the question is can they start to score goals the way they used to and play consistently in the second part of the season as opposed to taking the night off as some reporters, not me, have suggested. >> i will have words with anybody who says we take nights off. whether we're up in the division by 20 points, it doesn't matter. we play hard. >> going through that drought that we went through really built our cake ter. we've been able to come out of it. >> i didn't say that. that's dj richardson of illinois, he had 10 points. before the game, from the
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rafters, one bounce and in. >> what a game. >> what a shot. >> yeah. what a shot after the game. that's for sure. >> that's it for us. have a great night. ♪ [ female announcer ] why choose between delicious or 100 calories? ♪ with yoplait delights, now you can finally have both. ♪ it's the perfect parfait, with two indulgently rich layers